For those flyathletes looking to push themselves to the limit, to supremely test their fly fishing prowess, and to wash it all down with the state’s biggest beers…

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the Troutman Team Challenge…

What is the Troutman?

Simply put, the Troutman Team Challenge is akin to a Flyathlon competition on steroids (except that due to obscure provisions within The Wilderness Act of 1964, and the fact that much of the state’s best fishing falls within wilderness, it cannot be a competition, but instead must be a “challenge”).  In order to become a Troutman, you must complete the following:

1)  Run at least a trail marathon (26.2 miles or more)…
2)  …with an elevation gain of more than 4,000 vertical feet…
3)  …and catch all four trout species of the Colorado Grand Slam (cutthroat, brook, brown, and rainbow)…
4)  …washing the entire adventure down with a Colorado craft beer greater than 12% ABV…
5)  …all within 12 hours (except the fundraising part) (you can have all summer for that).

Wow, that sounds miserable!  Why on earth would someone attempt such a thing?

Good question.  Aside from the immediate worldwide prestige associated with being a Troutman, a custom Troutman belt buckle that will be presented, free, to the first 10 finishers of the challenge.  After those first buckles are gone, I will reassess my cost per belt buckle…

What is this crap about it being a “team” challenge?

Safety in numbers, bro.  That, and with multiple people involved (at least 2), you can better document your accomplishment so we don’t call bullshit on you.

OK, I’m convinced.  Where will this “team challenge” take place?

Quite literally, anywhere within our big, beautiful rectangle of a state that you can pull it off.

What rules are there, if any?

No vehicles can be involved, no support staff (i.e. no one meeting you with a brown trout somewhere), no cheating…  You will need to document your experience with a .gpx file showing your route (unless we are with you when it happens), at least 4 fish pictures per participant (no sharing fish, and each photo must have the date, time, and GPS coordinates attached to it), and a photo of your big ABV celebration beer.

Let’s do this!  Do I need to register or anything like that?

No.  Once you figure out where and when your attempt will take place, let me know and I will put you up on this page so other flyathletes can know what a crazy SOB you are.

Has anyone ever accomplished the Troutman?

Yes.  In 2017, three flyathletes became the first Troutman finishers.

Matt White

Erik Myhre

Andrew Todd

Will you be the next Troutman / Troutwoman?

run (really long distances). fish (for ALL of Colorado’s trout). beer (probably closer to whiskey…).