Over the years, we have had a lot of interest in the Flyathlon and the great things that we are accomplishing with this unique program.  Here is a sampling of what has been said about it:


There are a lot of serious problems in this world, but the solutions don’t always have to be serious. Fly-fisherman and trail-runner Andrew Todd channeled his concern for Colorado’s native trout and the watersheds that support them into the creation of a joyful, irreverent, event: The Flyathlon.” – The Dirtbag Diaries, Episode 117.

It’s never been easier to mix good beer with outdoor adventure. For proof, just look to the Rocky Mountain Flyathlon, a “triathlon” that involves trail running, fly-fishing and drinking craft beer. At the annual event in Saguache, Colorado, flyathletes run a 12.5-mile singletrack course, catch a trout in the Middle Creek along the way, and then drink a craft beer. Best time wins. (Times are adjusted for the size and species of fish caught).” –  Outside Online

The traditional doctrine that fly fishing is a prohibitively expensive, elitist endeavor that requires mastery to be enjoyable, is disintegrating.  Instead, people are seeking out novel and approachable ways to just get out and fish.  With the Flyathlon, we have created a casual and fun race environment for newbies to take the leap to learn how to fish.  I think people appreciate that low-pressure opportunity.  Oh, and they seem to enjoy the copious flow of diverse Colorado craft beers…“- TROUT Magazine, Summer 2016

Outdoor adventure doesn’t get much better than the Flyathlon, an “alternative triathlon” consisting of trail running, fly fishing, and craft beer“- Canadian Running

A triathlon by definition needs a third sport, and that’s where the beer comes in. Well, sort of. “My lawyer said you can’t make people drink during a competition,” says Todd, half-joking.“- Trail Runner Magazine

Colorado’s coolest new triathlon.“- 5280 Magazine

It is a competitive event at heart, but the culture behind the Flyathlon revolves much more around enjoying the outdoors, catching some beautiful native cutthroat trout and drinking amazing craft beer.“- Gear Patrol

If you’re out riding or hiking in the San Luis Valley this summer and you see a young girl aiming a BB gun at a less-than-desirable can of beer, fear not.  The people cheering her on are participants in the 3rd Annual Rocky Mountain Flyathlon- a running, fishing, and craft beer contest that raises money for trails and fish habitat. Colorado craft breweries provide event-themed beers, and craft whiskey always seems to turn up.” – Thirst Colorado

I admit when I first heard about a Flyathlon is was perplexed, even confused. What was it? When I asked friends I was met with blank stares, the dictionary on my shelf shed no light, I felt like I was ten-years-old again looking for Waldo in one of those maddening books. Then I turned to my Google browser and the first entry it returned caught my eye—Flyathlon: run. fish. beer. Intrigued I dove in, what I found might earn the title of the best Rocky Mountain sport ever.”  –Elevation Outdoors Magazine 

Click here to see an article written by Flyathlete #37, Steve Grace, in Spring 2015 edition of the inspirational, educational magazine for the dedicated fly fisher, The Drake. Steve Grace Article