If you are visiting this page, you may have opened it hesitantly given its title.  Please do not be frightened, or confuse what this page is about with the original fish slapping dance.

If you are visiting this page, you are probably related to me, or you like fly fishing, trail running, craft beer, or some combination of the three.  And if you are at all like me, you realize that your best running days are behind you…

Hence the Flyathlon, a venue where you can suck at running, yet still win a trophy (Top Fundraiser, Biggest Fish, Smallest Fish).  And while I wish that we could have Flyathlons every weekend, we can’t, so what does a runner who isn’t very fast but who really likes to fly fish and drink craft beer do on those off weekends…?

Fish Slap an established race.  Duh.

I did it on September 6th, 2014.  To the Imogene Pass Run.

Daniel LeMoine did it on September 20th, 2015.  To the Lead King Loop 25K.

It is a shit-ton of fun.

My challenge to you, my fellow flyathletes, is simple.  Bring your fly rod with you on your next someone-else sanctioned trail race, catch a fish somewhere just off the race course, take a fish picture on their race bib, then finish the race before missing any cut-offs.  I will create a gallery of races that we collectively have Slapped.  We live in Colorado, all sorts of trail races will work…

run. fish. beer. (including during other people’s parties)

The Official FISH SLAPPED List:

Imogene Pass Run:  Andrew Todd (2014)
Lead King Loop 25K:  Daniel LeMoine (2015)