ABOUT US- Matthew Crance

Responsibilities:  General oversight of business and affairs of Running Rivers, Director of Craft Beer and Craft Spirit Acquisition and Consumption
 Qualifications:  Matthew was born and raised in southern Ohio and while he is not a native to Colorado, his three children are!  Matthew graduated from Ohio University with a business degree and immediately moved to Colorado with his wife Beth.  He found a career in metal recycling and has been helping conserve our natural resources ever since.  Implementing mercury switch removal programs with all levels of recyclers, from salvage yards to steel mills, is a passion of his and has helped to reduce this threat to our most precious natural resource, water.
 Growing up fishing farm ponds in Ohio was fun, but the challenges of fly fishing in beautiful mountain settings took Matthew’s fishing to a new level.  He’s even been seen running trails in his chaco sandals.  This, and living across the street from President Todd is what drew him to the flyathlon and Running Rivers.