ABOUT US- Kevin Terry


Kevin Terry- Vice President

Responsibilities: General oversight of business and affairs of Running Rivers, plus duties of vice-chairman and performing duties of Projects Manager.

Qualifications: Kevin Terry is a fisheries biologist born and raised in northern New Mexico with a fly rod in his hand. After attending Oregon State University and receiving a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries Science, Kevin moved to Colorado to pursue a high quality of life. Kevin and his wife Stephanie are raising their twins on the banks of the Rio Grande where Kevin is working for the Western Water and Habitat program of Trout Unlimited. In his role, Kevin splits his time working to protect and restore populations of the native Rio Grande Cutthroat trout and working within the water community to strategically identify and implement water transactions for in-stream flows with ecological benefits while simultaneously providing water and services to farms and ranches of the San Luis Valley. Kevin’s passion for educating people about native cutthroat trout through angling and other recreational opportunities is catalyzed by the Rocky Mountain Flyathlon and the mission of Running Rivers.